How to finally Bust Through your Procrastination, Boldly Show up and Sign Soulmate Clients

In this Masterclass you will discover how to:

  • Bust through your self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviors, like procrastination.
  • Sell yourself confidently, unapologetically and authentically.
  • The 3 key foundational elements that help you keep the consistent client and money flow

This free masterclass is for you if you’re finding yourself challenged with:

  • Generating new leads for potential clients.
  • Have so many ideas, you don’t know where to start your business.
  • Your branding (or lack of) needs an upgrade.
  • You have had some success, but you’re looking to have more consistent flow of clients and money in your business – it seems like if you’re not marketing yourself, your business suffers.
  • You don’t have a simple business foundation, systems & structure that allows you to generate leads, sales and serve at your highest and best level energetically.
  • You’ve wasted money on Facebook and Instagram ads.

  • You desire to stop hiding, get out of your own way, ditch imposture syndrome and your inner critic, and  PLAY BIG & become unstoppable.

  • You are sick of going at things alone, and desire a community of like-minded, impact hungry Queens where you get to have inspiration, proven business strategies, access to the Akasha, shifting out of self-sabotage and embracing the mindset and energy of your next level version of you and your soul.




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About Your Host

Rosalyn Fung is a Akashic Visionary Life & Business Soul coach, Facilitator & Trainer of Flourishing Life Coaching Certification Programs, speaker, 3x international best-selling author, former psychologist, mastermind and workshop facilitator on the topics of topics of feminine leadership, self-love, mastering your energy, money mindset & attraction marketing. She has a podcast called Activate Your Soulgasmic Business and she delivers meditations with light language activations.